Learn to Swim

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learn to swim

The art of swimming is a goal many crave for but few can find a location to master the basics in comfort. Our 25mt Lap Pool is specially designed for teaching and our Swimming Instructor is world class. One to one classes over a 2-3 day period will ensure you can enter the water with confidence, no matter what age you are. This has been proven again and again. A little assistance can change a lifetime of frustration. For the more advanced swimmer breathing technique is vital to swim effortlessly and with greatest effectiveness. The extensive experience of our instructor with Tri Athlete’s and endurance swimmers can “tweak” your style to maximise your potential.


What’s included:

  • Two Nights Luxurious Accommodation
  • Fully served Irish Breakfast each morning
  • Delecious 5 course Dinner on one evening served in the dining room
  • Four Sessions with our swimming coach
  • Selection of films, from classics to new releases to watch in your room or suite
  • Take your time with a 2pm late check-out
  • Complimentary wifi throughout the hotel
  • Daily Lifestyle Activity Programme: Walks & Hikes
  • All SAMAS scheduled classes: Yoga, Tai Chi, Meditation, Aqua Aerobics, Power Walks, 25m Lap Pool
  • Leisure Pavillion: Bikes, Tennis, Fitness Room, Croquet
  • Screening Room
  • Play Room


Available throughout the year subject to availability.