Welcome to SÁMAS, our Deluxe Destination Spa, a true spa

SÁMAS Spa is devoted to nurturing the mind, body and spirit. It opens a heartfelt connection with the wonders of nature that surround us. We are pleased to introduce Bamford products to Ireland. Created by Carole Bamford, individually created treatments use specially formulated products from the Bamford Body and Skin care ranges made from natural ingredients organically certified to the highest standard. At SÁMAS we believe that taking time to relax, think, unwind and be cared for is not a luxury, it is a necessity in todays frenzied world to look after yourself.

In the intuitive hands of our therapists, the effect of each treatment will be felt long after you depart.

Enhanced by a “This Week” calendar of complimentary events and classes a visit to SÁMAS is always personally rewarding.

SÁMAS, As Unique As You.


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