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Bamford is devoted to nurturing the mind, body and spirit.  This holistic approach is based around a heartfelt connection to nature.  Individually crafted Treatments use specially formulated products from the Bamford. Body & Skincare collections.  These are all made from Natural & Organic ingredients certified by the highest standard of Organic certification, The Soil Association.

SÁMAS Bamford Speciality | Park Hotel Kenmare, Kerry, Ireland

The Bamford Organic Speciality Facial
90 Minutes €195

This Facial Treatment begins with a skin analysis to customise to your skins own needs. The Facial will be personalised to specific Masks, Exfoliates & Elixirs so your skin is left Awakened, Rejuvenated & Purified.

Beginning with a soothing foot bath and moving to a Back Massage focusing on Shiatsu pressure points to release tension in the Back and Shoulder areas before moving to the Face.

An indulgent Facial that incorporates

Facial Massage with Hot & Cold Jade Stones
Skin Balancing Tonics
Nourishing Moisture Creams
Serum & Elixirs

Leaves both Ladies & Gentlemen’s Skin Radiant, Glowing, Firmer & more Youthful looking.

The Bamford Full Body Signature Treatment
90 Minutes €195

Bamford’s Signature Treatment combines carefully targeted ancient healing techniques, offering you an immersive Body experience. A foot bath with Epsom Salts begins the cleansing and relaxation process, drawing toxins from the body and allowing it to absorb Magnesium to reduce inflammation and aid sleep.

Japanese Shiatsu Massage is used to open the body’s meridians, penetrate the muscles and start to unblock the energy channels. Swedish Massage on the Back & Legs targets areas of concern and reduces specific points of tension.

Finally you will be given an Indian Head Massage. As well as relieving headache pain and calming the mind.

This technique has been shown to increase circulation to the brain as well as improve the scalp and hair condition.

The Treatment concludes with assisted Yogic Breathing to refresh lungs and oxygenate and invigorate the Body.


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