Created to awaken the senses and re-connect the inner you

These eight unique SÁMAS Treatments were designed for both genders. Created to awaken the senses and re-connect to the inner you, these treatments do not need to be selected in advance, but simply chosen when you arrive for your appointment at SÁMAS. Selected Treatments are best booked in advance to ensure availability. As either a stand alone Treatment or as part of our renowned SÁMAS Experience the following one-hour Treatments are €125.

Please note that SÁMAS treatments and the facilities of the SÁMAS experience are for guests age 18 years and over.

SÁMAS Definitive Back, Neck & Scalp Massage 1 Hour €125.00

With concentration on the upper body your therapist unravels your muscular aches, while the flow of warm, scented oil nourishes the hair and scalp, releasing tension and inducing deep relaxation. This is the ultimate tonic for aching bodies and restless minds.

SÁMAS Nurturing Massage 1 Hour  €125.00

Drift into complete relaxation as this full body massage releases deep-seated tension through slow and soothing movements. This Treatment was created especially to neutralise those times of high stress.

SÁMAS Deep Tissue Massage 1 Hour €125.00

In this body experience your therapist focuses on the areas in most need of attention. Using advanced forearm and elbow techniques to work deep into the muscle layers, and stretching and lengthening techniques to give freedom of movement. Powerfully targets lactic acid build-up, to ease stiffness and aching muscles. Ideal for athletic people or those experienced in massage. Please note, best booked in advance.

Gents Buffing Body Polish 1 Hour €145.00 

Natural Dead Sea Salt infused with warm fragrant oils to enhance this body polishing experience. The gentleman’s skin is left invigorated, buffed and intensely nourished.

Sisley Ladies’ Rejuvenating Facial 1 Hour €145.00

A facial tailored to address your specific concerns. Your therapist will use their expertise to choose between the complexes that offer purifying, hydrating, radiance-enhancing and Anti-Aging benefits. An ideal weekly or monthly facial to maintain and restore the skin’s natural defenses and glow.  Please note, best booked in advance.

Sisley Gentlemen’s Facial 1 Hour €125.00

Exclusively formulated to meet the needs of male skin. This facial combines efficiency and pleasure for hydrated, toned and clearer skin and anti-aging actions. For best results we suggest that gentlemen shave the morning of the facial. Please note, best booked in advance.

SÁMAS Invigorating Massage 1 Hour €125.00

Formulated to stimulate the whole body, this energetic and uplifting massage will recharge your energy levels and bring clarity of mind. Body brushing and energetic massage techniques tonify the muscles and assist in the elimination of toxins, resulting in a calming yet alert state of well-being.

SÁMAS Silkening Body Polish 1 Hour  €125.00

Hydrating Dead Sea-salt is infused with warm, fragrant oils for a sumptuous body polishing experience. Skin is left hydrated, radiant and silky-smooth.


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